Integrated Water Resources Management

By adopting Integrated Water Resource Management Approach Haritika has done following interventions in the above mentioned villages which are situated in Bhadar River Basin- Check DamConstruction of Check Dams-: As it is well observed that since last five years, the rainfalls in Chhattarpur district is very low due to which decrease in water-level can be well observe. And due to reason water for irrigation purpose to the farmers of this region doesn’t available for the whole year. Because of this the farmers can not adopt multi cropping pattern on their land. Due to the adoption of SingleCropping Pattern, the top soil of the land is losing its fertility continuously. Before the intervention of Haritika by M.P Government, several water conservation structures have been constructed but due to lack of maintenance they are not working properly.

Thus by considering the above facts Haritika has constructed total 27 water harvesting structures like check dams, stop dams and sookha nala with the funding of Water-aid and Vegfam in villages Khakhri-veerpura, Sigrawan Kalan, Manpura, Salampur, Thathevera, Choubara and Bilahari villages.

All these villages lie in Bhadar River Sub-basin. The water of Bhadar River is halted by the stop dams constructed at proper distances & constructed by various agencies which recharge the groundwater.

Construction of Dug wells

Since IWRM is based on integrated approach and one of its objectives is to ensure community participation to provide them livelihood options. Since the economy of Chhattarpur district is agriculture based. Thus for ensuring sustainablelivelihood a proper source of irrigation is needed. Thus HARITIKA has previously under DPIP project constructed 421 community dug wells and now with the funding of Vegfam has constructed 3 community dug wells in them villages comes in Bhadar River Sub-basin. Along with this HARITIKA has also provided diesel pumps to the group of farmers for the ease of irrigation.

Establishment of Rain gauge Structures

for collecting rainfall data 3 rain gauge structures have been established in village Sigrawan Kalan and Manpura. Through these structures, the level of rain-fall in nowgong is observed and villagers have also been trained to use these structures so that in the absence of staff; they by themselves can be able to collect the data.

Establishment of Rain gauge Structures

fEstablishment of Observation Wells-:To develop simplified community monitoring tool for proper understanding of local water resource availability and To Capacitate community with the necessary data, skills and knowledge to manage groundwater resources available to them in a sustainable manner. Observation wells have been established in the study villages. Water level indicator has been installed at all observation wells. Before establishing these observation wells following detail was collected-

Instead of automatic water level indicator low cost and simple tool has been prepared by which farmers can easily record the change in water level. These observation tables have been set in already existing dug wells in Bhadar river sub basin and monthly water level data from each observation have been collected from these observation wells. Till now 10 observation wells in each of the above said 25 villages have been established. In this process the Inventory of existing agriculture wells has been done to ensure availability of water for rabi &remaining season. The purpose of doing this work is to decide crop rotation of the area.