Scope of Work for Off-grid Solar Power Plant

The scope of field implementation by Haritika and other responsibilities of Haritika under this agreement are as Follows:

Overall planning and management responsibility, Azure and Haritika recognize that the primary role of Haritika is to provide implementation and management support to the partnership.

Haritika shall contribute its experience and expertise to the CSPP and undertake responsibility for the following:
  • Identifying the villages for solar electrification in accordance with the guidelines given by Azure.
  • Preparing estimates for the electrical load requirement of the villages which include domestic as well as commercial load.
  • Mobilizing the villagers and disseminating the information provided by Azure on the use and benefits of electrification by solar energy.
  • Gauging the paying capacity of the villagers for the energy services .
  • Assisting the villagers in
(A) Formation of the village energy committee (VEC)
(B) Opening of bank accounts
(C) Understanding the tarrief structure
  • Using its best endeavor to secure road permit
  • Using its best endeavor to secure land permit for the construction of solar plant
  • Using its best endeavor to secure issuance of necessary letters and documents for various activities related to transportation of material to the villages
  • Assisting in mobilizing funds for micro credit and micro finance for establishing a micro enterprise in the village.
  • Providing assistance to the PV installer in various respects such as giving direction to the village ,accompanying them to village introducing them to villagers giving information on the availability of sundry materials locally, booking them in guest house/hotel.
  • Introducing new economic activity in the village or giving a stimulus to identifying a suitable person in the village and grooming him/her as the person responsible for O&M as well as revenue collection.
  • Documentation of the activities and data analysis showing the impact of electricity on the development of villagers and village and
  • Ensuring that highest level of environment, health and safety norms are followed in the micro enterprise and that any integrity violation issue is brought to the immediate attention to the Azure

Haritika shall collaborate closely with persons designated by Azure for the effective implementation of the CSPP and participate in meeting called by Azure on issue to the project.

Haritika shall through periodic action plan and specific communication ,report to the Azure on substantive and financial progress of the project according to agreed reporting routine .