Farmer Producer Company

An essential part of community empowerment is to help educate the leaders and members in management principles covering planning, implementing, and monitoring their projects and programmes. The following empowerment methods may be useful :
  • Educating. Organize formal and informal learning activities
  • Leading. Help the leaders to lead and to learn from their actions by reflection as a team
  • Mentoring and supporting. Help the members initially by mentoring or supporting them in their planning and implementation stages
  • Providing. Obtain the services of other stake holders, FPCs, and HARITIKA in providing various services to nurture the FPC in the early stages of development
  • Structuring. Help the FPC to structure its meetings and various participative planning activities and to learn from their experience through reflection
  • Actualizing. Help them to reflect on the process of managing their FPC. Learning by doing can help them in self-actualization
Based on the aforesaid concept, following FPCs have been formed:
  • With the support of DPIP in Nowgong Block of Chhatarpur: Nowgong Agriculture Producer Company
  • With the support of NABARD in Bijawar & Buxwaha block Chhatarpur : Bhimkund Agriculture Producer Company
  • With the support of HDFC in Katni: Alouni Nadi Agriculture Producer Company

With the support of One Day Wages :

For promotion of FPC in project villages and for increasing the number of members in the FPC, various promotional activities like workshops, promotional campaigns and wall paintings has been done in 18 villages by taking into consideration the above concepts. For skill enhancement trainings has been provided on Productivity Enhancement Techniques, Low Water intensive Irrigation Techniques, Organic Farming, Storing of Products and Market Linkage for Business Establishment. These trainings have been provided to 50 most active members of FPC.