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About Haritika

Organisational History

With a vision of enlightening healthy and democratic Bundelkhand free from hunger, poverty, environmental degradation and all forms of exploitation based on age, sex, religion and ethnicity, HARITIKA has been established in year 1994. HARITIKA firmly believes and is actively involved in promoting dignity and gender equity through poor people's social, economic, political and human capacity building. Bundelkhand area is facing acute scarcity of water and it has been observed that In rural areas, communities and populations un served by water and sanitation mostly belong to socially disadvantaged group i.e. ‚scheduled‛ castes & tribes , which have their separate hamlets usually located on the periphery of the village. On the other hand women and girl children are generally found to be among the poorest groups in Bundelkhand region in general. Specifically, they are found to suffer most from inadequate water supplies and sanitation coverage. They are primarily responsible for the collection of water and its use in domestic tasks. Haritika, through its interventions, has therefore addressed the basic needs of some of the poorest people in Bundelkhand, Nowgong block of District Chhatarpur,Madhya Pradesh through its drinking water projects.

Since last 15 years, HARITIKA has worked on 20 projects with the support of various international & national partners. All the drinking water projects are based on Integrated Water Resource Management Approach that results in both system & source sustainability. In our drinking water projects we provide 24*7 hour household tapped water at village level. Along with providing tapped water facility, for assuring source sustainability we do construct water conservation structures like-: roof top harvesting structures, check dams etc. near by the sources of drinking water.

Haritika has been proactively working on sustainable projects relating to water harvesting and management, crop optimization, soil conservation and afforestation. Haritika primarily focuses on Child Education, Women Empowerment, health, environment and socio economic up liftment of the poorest in the community. The major activities of Haritika are:

  • Natural Resources Management
    Integrated Water Resources Management
    Agriculture/Crop Management

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Health
Health Education & Awareness

  • Livelihood
Income Generating activities
Women empowerment

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