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Haritika’s Sound Financial System

Haritika maintains a clear transperency in its financial systems 

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HARITIKA has also developed a sound financial system and maintains one hundred transparency from the very beginning.  Different Project Books of Accounts are maintained it audited internally by and internal Auditor. Monthly expenditure budgets are prepared by each project coordinator and submitted to the finance section for approval. Monthly financial statement is prepared   to monitor the financial status.  All the accounts are computerized and updated every day.

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At the organisational level necessary management of information systems have been developed keeping in view the programmes and organizational structure of the organization. HARITIKA with the support of MPDPIP has been able to develop a better MIS system, which has been very useful. The necessary MIS system has been incorporated for regular follow up of information, which has been considered necessary for organizational effectiveness. Proper reporting system has also been developed for timely reporting.


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