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4. Membership and Category of the Members of the societyThere shall be two types of members

1. Ordinary Members:  Any citizen of India who has faith in the aims of the society and who can pay an annual fee of Rs.101/- can become ordinary members after approval from the Executive committee.

2. Life Members: Any Citizen of India Who can Pay an amount of Rs.501/- in one installment to the society can become a life member after due approval from the Executive Committee.

3. The Executive committee shall accord Membership after receipt of written application for membership 5. Termination of Membership

1).Due to Insanity
2).Due to Death
3).due to Bankruptcy
4).Due to punishment given by any court of Law for immoral Crime
5).In case of acting against the aims of the society
6).As per the decision of the Executive Committee for non-payment of membership fee or for tendering        resignation.
7).Termination of life membership by the Executive committee.

6. Structutre of the society: Mainly the society has two wings:-

A. General Body
B. Management Committee

General Body
(I).Formation and Meetings:- This shall be Constituted by including all the members of the socity.Annual meeting shall be held 3 months prior to the beginning of the new financial year. Extraordinary meetings are also held.

(2).Notice Period: The notic3e for the annual meeting shall be sent by post 15 days prior to the date of meeting

(3).Quorum: 2/3 quorum is necessary for conducting the General body meeting. No quorum is necessary for adjournment of a meeting

(4).Extraordinary meeting:  An extraordinary meeting of the General body meeting can be called with notice from1/4th members

Duties of the General body:-

1. To close the accounts of the previous year, its approval, to present the next year’s budget and obtaining its approval.

2. To get the New Years programme Passed

3. To Elect members of the management Committee except the Executive Director and Deputy Director

4. To Review the position of movable and immovable properties of the society.

Executive Committee:

1. Formation: - There shall be 11 members in the Executive Committee, this comprises of one President, one vice president, one Executive director, One Treasurer and Financial controller and Five Members. The strength of the members can be reduced or increased as per necessary.

2.Meetings:  Meetings shall invariably held once in 3 months and can also be held any other time whenever necessary a notice from at least 3 members is required for calling a meeting

3. Quorum:  this shall be verified in the presence of the members of the Executive committee or its office bearers

4. Period: The Tenure of the committee shall be for 3 years.

Duties of the Executive committee:

A).To execute society proposals and rules and regulations

b).To appoint committees and sub-committees for the smooth execution of works

c).to prepares and keeps proper records of the society’s annual accounts

D).All the prescribed procedure to be followed in the interest of proper functioning of the society.

e).To give approval and take proper action regarding code of conduct for the workers, their pay scale, postings and transfers ,disciplinary action and appointments

f).To Nominate (From the members of the General body) for the Vacant posts of the Office Bearers and Members of the Executive Committee for the remaining period

g).To pool all the resources for the implementation of Aims and Objectives of the Society, to obtain donation, loans etc from Govt. agencies ,International donors and individuals and to work in the interest of general public on non profit basis and to utilize profit for any good cause.

Powers and Duties of the Office Bearers of the Executive committee:

  1. President:  To Hold meetings in consultation with the Executive  Director and preside over general body and Executive Committee meetings

      B. Vice-President: To act as President in the absence of the President

      C. Executive Director: The post of the Executive Director of the society is of permanent and shall be Chief            Administrator officer of the Society.

2. To Invite General body and Executive Committee meetings and keep records the minute of the meetings

3. To take necessary action regarding appointments, management and promotion etc of the workers in the society and get approval from the executive committee for the same.

4.To keep all the records concerned with the working of the society ,to prepare and submit  progress reports to various department as designed by them, to get the Annual balance sheet prepared and to look after all other correspondence.

5. to sign all important letters and documents

6. To manage and Give proper direction to all the organizations run by the society to help him in this job

7. To maintain a cash chest and to incur expenditure as per necessity and to get approval from the Executive Committee from the management committee fro the same.

8. To keep in mind all the responsibilities placed in him by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Dee. Director shall carry out all the duties of the Executive director during his absence.

D. Treasurer:  To keep the funds of the society with him and incur expenditure limited to the approval by the Executive committee.

2...Any revision or change in the development of the society can be attended by 2/3rd majority of the executive committee.

E. Financial Controller: To work for the development of the society and to cooperate in the up-liftment of the society 

10. Election of the Office Bearers: The Executive committee shall appoint an election officer to conduct election of office bearers through secret ballot. He will conduct election for all the office bearers except Executive director .the Executive committee shall make available the voters list and other necessary documents. This election shall be held in every 3 years.

11. Funds of the SocietyThe Funds of the society shall be deposited in any nationalized or recognized bank or post office by opening an account in the name of the society. All financial transactions shall be carried out by the joint signatures of the Executive directors and financial controller.

12. Income and Expenditures Account: the Financial year of the society shall be from 1st April to 31st March .Inspections (Audit) of the accounts shall be get done by Chartered Accountants.

13. Responsibility for Legal Actions: The Executive Director shall be responsible for all legal actions for or against the society.

14. Records of the Society: All the records shall be in Devanagari script. Records pertaining to membership, Executive body, Cash book and accounts are considered as very important records.

15. Dissolution of the Society: Society‘s dissolution shall be as per clause 13 and 14 of society registration act 1860

  1. Names of Trustees/Directors and Management Staff:



    Educational Qualification


    Area of Specialization


    Dr.Ram Bhoojh



    Earth Science







    Avani Mohan Singh


    Executive Director

    Natural Resource Management


    Dr.Neelam Singh


    Financial controller



    Deep Singh



    Health Education


    Sandeep Chaube

    BE (Civil),2003


    Water & sanitation


    Asha Dousiza








    Behaviour Science


    Shilza Kishore





    Dr.Gunjan Saxena

    MSc., M.A. PhD


    Tourism Management






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